Paintings from Green and Color

A look at Reza Hedayat’s Paintings in Asar Gallery Paintings from Green and Color Alireza Roshan: just so that these patterns that Hedayat Paints are not fake and he hasn’t thrown a hook to fish; the fish came to his Beautiful trap with their fins and tails by themselves. Understanding his work is hard like […]

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Dreamy Dreams

Dreamy Dreams Reza Hedayat is a 36year old painter that although he is teaching in different universities in Tehran, hasn’t forgotten his active manner and almost every year you can see an exhibition of his work.Mobility, excitement, warm energetic colors without any immovability are the features of his paintings.He has very good drawing abilities and […]

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An endless world and color

Three hundred of Hedayat’s gouache paintings will be shown in Afrand gallery on 11th -14th of Esfand. Hedayat says: “the field of painting is a place for the Artists Perception and gain. Stepping in this world needs stability and effort. What appears as an artwork is the artist’s unique private will. Creating is inevitable for […]

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Pateh embroidery patterns on canvas

Reza Hedayat is a post graduate from Tehran Art University and an art research PhD student. Having had 25 solo exhibitions in Iran, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada is part of his work book that reviewing it doesn’t fit in this time. It’s been years that alongside painting, Hedayat teaches in universities and currently he […]

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Reza Hedayat was born on June 14, 1966 in the small village of Nazem Abad located in the city of Ghorveh in the province of Kurdestan, Iran. He went to elementary school in Nazem Abad but moved to the city of Ghorveh for middle and high school and received his diploma in 1984. In 1990, he entered the Tehran University of Art receiving his bachelors degree in painting in 1994. In 1996, he was accepted for the painting post graduate program from which in 1999, he graduated holding a Master of Art degree in painting. He has been employed by the University of Sooreh since 1996 as a sketching/drawing and painting professor and has been teaching painting there and also at the central branch of the Islamic Azad University ever since.
  • Born
    June, 14, 1966
  • Birth Place
    Qurveh, kurdistan
  • language
    kordish, Persian
  • Graduation
    Master In Painting
  • Proficiency
    Docent Art, painting,Drawing, print
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Individual Exhibitions:


1. Haft Samar Gallery, February 16, 1996
2. Afrand Gallery, May 23, 1994
3. Elaheh Gallery, March 6, 2002
4. Hand printing exhibition at Aria Gallery, October 5, 2003
5. Asar Gallery ry, April 27, 2005
6. Asar Gallery, June 23, 2006
7. Asar Gallery, June 10, 2007
8. Asar Gallery, May 2, 2008
9. Man Ara Gallery, November 28, 2008
10. Aria Gallery, November 25, 2010
11. Birang Gallery, February 19, 2016
12. Shirin Gallery, May 5, 2017
13. Tabriz Kabood Gallery, April 13, 2018
14. Negah Gallery, December 3, 2018
More than 30 group exhibitions 1996 – 2018

Noma Concours

Award winner of the ”nature from Easterners’ Perspective” art exhibition
Winner of the praise award at the Noma competition in Japan for book illustration of ”life, a smile”
Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) – Noma Concours
Book illustration

Immoral Animals

Books illustration for kanoon parvaresh fekry koodakan v nojavanan
The book of immoral animals
( text & illustration )


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    Tehran - Iran



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